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The Beagle/Lab pair's younger days & the cats

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Best friends from day one

Playing with her new rope toy

Trying to get the other cat that is under the box

My evil cat "Penny", she likes to smack the other cats around for the sport of it, if i had a nickle for every time she walked across the room just to thump one of the other cats in the head for no reason, id be rich.

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Sam posing for the camera

One of the twins possesed

Penny likes to sleep in odd places.

Shiloh out cold on the sofa napping with me
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IIIIIK! So cuuuuuteeee, both are just so lovely :)
Aw goodness I just love Sam and his brown/brindle undertones. Cute dogs! (And cats!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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