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yeah...a topic beat to death.
I am not really a fan of the whole rigmoro to be honest and typically find what most people call an "Alpha" dog is just a dog behaving badly.
I have a hard time explaining what I feel a good "leader" dog is to people...but had an example of it today with our Ranger ( Bluetick Coonhound) and a another dog Barney ( Beagle).

We are babysitting Barney for a guy in the military while he is deployed. Barney is not a bad dog. He is just...well...not the sharpest pencil in the box. Barney "aint to good with that there learnin stuff" as we like to say. Barney is also a wee bit too big for his britches for our other dogs. Kind of a crank.
Admittedly Barney has caused some stress with our other dogs from time to time.

So today Ranger is standing at the water bowl sharing a drink with Papa Moses ( a rescue Beagle...here for far less time than Barney). Papa Moses finishes drinking and walks away. Barney comes in for a drink. Ranger does nothing at first, just looks at Barney. Barney, being Barney, is a little pushy...so Ranger lets out a little growl. Barney hops into action and growls, snarls, and snaps at Ranger.
Ranger, being Ranger, bobs and weaves his head out of Barneys Range...but never moves his feet an inch. He also does nothing to escalate the situation....he just stands his ground and gives Barney that thousand yard stare...
Barney begins to realize he may have crossed some sort of line.
They stood there staring at each other a few seconds until Barney backs up a few steps and sits down.
Ranger finishes, quite self satisfied, walks calmly away.

For the first time tonite...Barney who usually barks at any dog who tries to get on the dog bed while he is on it...willingly relinguished to Ranger when Ranger wanted it.
I thought...see, now thats my Ranger Danger!

We have been working with Barney and his attitude for weeks...and Ranger teaches him everything he needs to know in one 10 second interaction.
That is a leader in my book!
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