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SO, I might have posted my intro in the wrong place and now I can't figure out how to move it or delete it. Sorry for the repost but I wanted to make sure that this got in the right place...

Hey! I'm new here. Admittedly, I only joined because I was redirected from another place, but I guess I'll make myself comfortable for a while!

I work with dogs in a day camp environment and train both people and our poochie friends. On the people front (when it comes to me employees) I teach basic doggie behavior, expressions and posturing to help them manage large play groups (never more than 20 dogs per person) properly and without any conflict.

In a day camp environment, I'm responsible for supervising the staff, evaluating potential client (dogs) and should they fail their evaluation, I help the dog become comfortable enough to play with the large group.

I currently have three dogs of my own of all sizes - so we'l start with the biggest first of all!

London is my Malamute (5 y/0, 95lb, 29"). He's a therapy dog (cert'd through TDI) and we're working on something for SAR (slowly but surely).

(...always the star of the show.)

Russell is my (not-so-)feral rescue - probably a cur or pit cross... or, you know, generally dog-shaped with a lot of drive to kill every critter he comes across. (3y/o, 65lb, 24")

(Russell sees you... and he's probably judging you.)

and Little One/Pizza/Arya/Roxy/Thing 3 is a newbie here. She came to me under some false pretenses at 4 months (about three weeks ago). Originally, I'd been waiting to import a pup from Japan as my third dog... but now I'm thinking a fourth dog is probably okay, right? I mean, how much dog can a 9 pound dog BE, right? ...Right... guys? ,:v

Oh... except... yeah, that's right... her father is a Patterdale. Yep, she's a Patterdale cross. I'll let people guess what her mom is (P.S.: I know) she is because she sure doesn't look like the Patterdale (my Patterdale-owned friends say differently though). They're a whole lot of dog in a tiny package.

And that's about it!
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