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That was frustrating: 2hrs to upload sig

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Guys I just had to share that it took me 2 hrs to change my sig. Photobucket was being stupid, I tried so many other sites, then so many resizing apps and struggled so hard! I Havnt been here for a while and don't often post photos so it was as if it were brand new. In the end, I think the sig looks pretty good, except Maple is a little blurry, not sure why. O.m.g. Tired now. Ridiculous lol.
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I can't stand photobucket. I stopped using them since they started charging such high fees. Glad you got your siggy up.
It's all about imgur now. It's still free, and it's very easy to link photos using the direct link or BBCode option on a photo's page (make an account if you want to be able to access all of your uploaded photos' pages in the future):

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I don't pay for photobucket. Strange. I tried imgur but couldn't figure it out yet it looks so simple on your screen shot. I'm on an iPad. Maybe that's why? In the end, I couldn't get photobucket editor to work so I used a resizing app then uploaded to photobucket. I wrote down how I did it so I don't have to go through this again. Sigh.
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