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Territorial aggression but only at certain place

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I have a 4y/o pitbull/husky mix. He was raised on 15 acres. Me and my bf have recently been keeping him at our apartment a few days a week. When new people come in the apartment he gets aggressive, tries to bite, growls and sometimes nips. When at the house on 15 acres, he does not do that, he could care less about people coming. When outside at the apartment he is fine, no aggression at all. He ONLY does this at the apartment but with almost every guest. I dont know what to do. Please help me.
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Is there a reason he can’t stay on the 15 acres? Especially when the Bfs daughter is there?

Repeating behaviors repeats the behavior. So if he has no issues on the acreage why create a problem that otherwise doesn’t exist? If this is out of the question, then a trainer is in order. And separation between him and the young child is imperative.
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