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Territorial aggression but only at certain place

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I have a 4y/o pitbull/husky mix. He was raised on 15 acres. Me and my bf have recently been keeping him at our apartment a few days a week. When new people come in the apartment he gets aggressive, tries to bite, growls and sometimes nips. When at the house on 15 acres, he does not do that, he could care less about people coming. When outside at the apartment he is fine, no aggression at all. He ONLY does this at the apartment but with almost every guest. I dont know what to do. Please help me.
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Thank you!
I could, but the issue I have is also when my boyfriend's daughter sleeps over. Having to keep the dog and his daughter separate is tough. I want everyone to be together. Im currently looking into having a trainer come out to our house but until then idk what to do
I would recommend working with a trainer. I know you want everyone to be together (who wouldn't?) but I suggest keeping your dog separated from guests until a trainer can step in and assess the situation. Maybe your dog is being territorial of the new space? Or fearful because the space is smaller and he feels cornered when guests come in? Perhaps he is being protective of you. Or there could be something medical going on. It wouldn't hurt to bring him in for a vet checkup just in case.
I was thinking of taking him to the vet for a check up for sure. My thought was also maybe because it is smaller and more confined than the acreage. Thanks for the suggestions!
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