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Terrified of the clippers

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My Irish Wolfhound/Rottie mix (Sasha) is impossible to groom at home. I have electric shavers as well as manual shears that I use on our Lhasa, but every time I turn it on Sasha becomes so anxious she hides, and has peed on the floor on a few occasions. Clipping her nails is a nightmare as well. She's terrified of the grinder and the clippers. When she needs groomed I take her to professionals, who have a really tough time holding down a terrified 92 lb dog. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any tips on how to calm her down so I could groom her at home?
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I've encountered this problem many times... The main thing is you just have to get your pooch used to the sounds... This is something that should have been done when she was 5 months old.. It can take a very long time now..

some tips on how to keep her calm. They make calming aroma scents that are plug ins. They sell them at pet stores.. Also one thing I do, which I don't know why it works and I discovered by mistake one day.. I will put a Lifesaver in my mouth.. The ones in the green pack and blow into the dogs face lightly... I don't know why that works, but it's worked on every dog I've done it to.
She needs to be desentized to it all. Unfortunately, its going to take longer now that she is older, and has more memories and associations with "grooming". Every time she is "groomed" she is held down/etc. to get it done. You need to take each piece of equipment, one at a time, and desenitize her. Start with teaching her the touch command. She touches your hand, you treat her with the other hand. When she does that well. Do it while the clippers are lying next to you, OFF. When she is comfortable with that, have her touch the clippers rather than your hand..when that is good, turn them on next to you, then eventually she will touch the running clippers with her nose, and not be so fearful of them. You can do the same thing with nail trimmers, grinders, etc. Its going to take awhile, but it can be done. Teach her that those tools bring about good things...but only reward/treat when she is not reacting.
Graco gave excellent advice...I would start there ;) Good luck with her :D
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