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Tennesse Aussie needs Rescue

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A friend on Facebook sent me the information about an Aussie in Tennessee that is kept tied outside. All but abandand by Daisey's owner my friends friend is the only human contact the dog gets. As well only source of food and water. Apperently the owner has agreed give the dog up. I agreed to help get the word out.

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Try Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline...www.aussierescue.org
Any idea whether an they would rescue if the dog was mixed?
If it's an aussie mix, I think they would....they pull dogs from shelters that are clearly mixes. The dog in the pic definitely looks purebred, if it's not, it could pass as pure for sure.
aussies rescue will take aussies mixes. but this dog looks purebred to me
That dog is gorgeous. Hope it is rescued soon. Please post an update if you can.
Daisey has found a home. I hope to have more details later but this is the important part. I still wish I could have gone and got her myself.:(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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