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Teething puppy?

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Hello all! I have a four month old pug who I believe is teething. We have a small bed for him and he will clamp his mouth down and just lay there. Sometimes he will make a whining sound while he’s doing this. Just wanted to see what others have experience and if this is indeed teething and normal.
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He needs some chew toys.

Teething is a normal process and can be painful. The chewing helps with the pain, helps relax and helps break the new teeth through.
You may occasionally find a small tooth laying about. Don't get upset, its just a baby tooth.
Should be Ok unless he begins to shred it. Then pull it out and replace it.

Perhaps he likes the feel of the bed more than the toys. Try offering a plush toy. Be sure to remove any hard plastic bits, like eyes, nose, mouth....... The pup will find those plastic bits to gnaw on them, eventually, these will come off to be swallowed.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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