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Teething or reaction to vaccinations?

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I recently had my dog vaccinated against lymes disease and after the second shot I noticed some worrisome changes. She has always been a voracious eater and lost her appetite. I left a bowl of food down for 2 days and she didn't touch it and I also noticed a high temperature on her skin but didn't have a thermometer to confirm. She was drinking water and didn't seem to have any changes in behaviour (no lethargy) but the lack of appetite worried me enough to bring her into the vet after a week. The vet said her temp was within the normal range and they didn't notice any swelling in the shoulder they vaccinated her in and said she was fine. It has been 4 days and her appetite is still not back and the glands behind her ears are swollen. She is also teething, so I'm not sure if that would cause the lymph nodes to swell and lack of appetite but I'm worried she's having a reaction to the vaccine. The vet didn't give her a blood test, just the exam, and I'm wondering if I'm just over reacting. She is due to have her distemper shot in 3 days and I'm not sure if I should tax her anymore. What would you recommend?
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Have you tried giving her mushed up food? Maybe some really tasty and soft chicken and rice, or some canned food? If she's teething, her kibble might be to hard for. If she usually likes her kibble, you can add warm water to it and mush it, and maybe add some canned or something to entice her to eat. Give her ice cubes too, it'll ease the pain from the teething. You can give her ice made of water, or you can try freezing some chicken broth ice cubes if she is willing to try them. Since your distemper shot is in 3 days, I would go but tell the vet to exam her first before giving her the shot. Make the vet exam those lymph nodes, you can never be too safe. Let him know that you don't feel comfortable giving another vaccine so soon while she's feeling this bad. And if possible, delay the shot until she gets her appetite and strength back. Ask what are the side effects of the lyme vaccine, and try looking up some info for yourself. If they fit, then it might be a reaction. Put your foot down and be firm with the vet if they insist that nothing is wrong with the puppy. Sometimes they're not as thorough as they should be, or think some owners are just over-reacting. If your vet doesn't have the same concern as you, get a second opinion and see another vet. I'm sure a distemper vaccine can wait a couple more days, better safe than sorry. I hope your baby feels better :(
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