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Teeny Tiny Nails

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Our 5-week old argentine dogo babies really really need their little claws clipped badly, they're like little razor blades ! I understand the basics of cutting their nails, as I've done it on older dogs, however, these little guys have tiny nails, and I really can't seem to see the wick at all in the nail.
Any pointers? or ways to see the wick easier? Help me I look like I ran through a forest of rose bushes with thorns.
Thank you!
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My understanding is that you just start with taking off the sharp tip, not cutting all the way back to the quick. Using cat nail scissors or even human clippers is often the easiest way to do it, since most dog clippers are way to big and clunky to maneuver easily around tiny puppy nails.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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