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Hi all. I've become just a bit desperate lately regarding my teacup poodle. She is 7-8 years old and possibly a bit overweight (but doctor says otherwise).

A little over a week ago, I noticed that she started to shake constantly. She sometimes shook before but the effect wasn't long and only did it when she was nervous about something. And shortly after I noticed her constant shaking, whenever I'd bend down to pick her up, she would cry in pain before I even touched her, like she was afraid of the pain she would feel if I were to pick her up.

At first, I thought she might have just hurt herself a little bit or was sore but after a day, the effects persisted so I took her to the vet. The vet diagnosed my dog with a herniated disc after checking her manually and (I guess) palpating several regions to see if there were any issues. Side Note: I thought it was a bit weird how, while at the vet with the doctor picking her up rather non-chalantly, my dog didn't feign any type of pain like crying out; she must have been so nervous that her adrenaline was masking whatever pain she did have. I also found it weird how the doctor did not have to do any additional tests to see what the issue was but I am no doctor.

After diagnosis, he prescribed Rimadyl and 3-4 days of no activity. As expected, while taking Rimadyl, my dog's personality changed somewhat--she seemed "aloof" of her surroundings but was probably just "high" on the meds--similar to the effects of Vicodin on people. Throughout the day, her mannerisms would change... spending several hours just lying down to being her normal self.

Unfortunately, the rest and medication seem to not have worked out too well as she is still experiencing pain when the medication wears off.

Starting 2 nights ago, an hour or two after we gave her another dose of Rimadyl (at the prescribed interval) she started to shake uncontrollably even more and even started to pant. After about an hour her shaking calmed down and she no longer panted.

And furthermore, while freshly on the meds, she is always in a sitting position with her head hanging down, like she is very sad. This pains me to see her like this and don't know what to do. Please help!

Should I take her back to the vet? And if so, should I take her to the same vet or a different one to get a second opinion?
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