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Teaching New Toy

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I bought my dog a Tug-A-Jug to keep him busy (in addition to his Kongs) when I leave. However, I can't get him very excited about it. I put some kibble and chicken bits inside and gave it to him. He sniffed it and walked off. I shook it to show him how treats come out, but he seemed less than enthused. This sounds silly, but how do I teach him how it works? I thought the chicken would be a high enough value treat to get his attention.

We've had a very tough week with his SA (I lost the blinds and the doorknob) and I'm really trying to think of ways to keep him distracted. This toy would be longer lasting than his kongs. I might try a buster cube too. But how do you introduce them to the dog?
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I had the same problem with Brutus. I put hot dogs in there, but he couldn't get it to pay off fast enough and he gave up. I fixed it by pulling the rope out (which you can do if you open up the end that screws on). I put the food in there then. Every time the dog moved the thing, it paid off in the food department. I did this for a day or two and then put the rope back in. Worked perfectly.
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