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Teaching my dog the stand command

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So I'm new dog owner and new to training and I love the progress of seeing my dog (name is Gunner) learn. We've taught him sit, place, come and down very well. I've started on stand but im running into some frustration.

When he stands he always takes a few steps forward. From the down, he might just take one step, but from a sit he would take like 3 steps. If i stand right in front of him he would just move to my left or right of me to give himself room for a few steps. Additionally, if i'm at a distance and i give the stand command he would start walking towards me and if I say no he automatically sits instead of staying still in stand. Looking for some insight to get him to just remain where he is with the stand.
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What I do is say stand, stay while I am walking and turn to face the dog. Do not move away, but treat the dog. Gradually step back a little, if they move step into them and tell them to stand stay. Don't be too quick to move away until they are steady on the stay.
Use a platform to teach the position, then fade the platform.
I place the dog in a sit in heel position with the dog between me and a wall. I start by moving my left hand (palm open) across in front of the dog while simultaneously taking my left foot and SOFTLY tapping or touching the top of the dog's right hind foot. Dog will pop his butt up and immediately get a marker and reward (I use food to teach). A couple of times and the dog will usually pop his but up without touching his back feet. I do not break position for the reward to make moving forward less of a problem. Adding a platform also can help reduce walking forward.
I built a three step platform to enter our boat. It has an 18” square top step. Not much room for a 60 pound dog.My dog must sit,stand or down to enter or leave the boat. Surprisingly she correctly did all three the first training session. She already knows the commands at various places so it wasn’t difficult for her to add this much more difficult item. She must go up and down very orderly, no jumping up or down.

The stand was taught by kneeling next to the dog while she was in a sit. Then command and gently touch her rear belly. As she stood, reward. Treats especially very high value the first attempts. I used a prong but only as a gentle guide as she moved. The stand from motion was with a voice and hand signal after the initial stand was perfected. The hand being palm to the rear. Many of our commands are hand-voice. Either work for this dog. Being very consistent is the key here. I don’t use the massively motion type hand signals. They are very subtle but the dog easily responds to them. Many are just a silent finger finger command. It’s probably a lot more work than most people like to use but I found this dog to be very intense and over the top excitable. She needed to be doing something all the time so by making her think and watch worked to keep this a usable thing.
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