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So I have been asked to teach a "tricks for you dog" class at the club and I really don't do many "parlor tricks" with my dogs. My youngest learns so fast that I do teach her some fun stuff to keep her sharp and to take the edge off of some of the more tedious obedience stuff.

When I teach puppy class a bring a skateboard and gently introduce the puppies to it as an example of to introduce you puppy to new things that might move, ect. and I let my clicker trained puppy show the students how to encourage a dog to offer new behaviours and shape behaviours. So basically by accident the puppy has learned that she can move the skateboard.

For my tricks class I thought to myself "how awesome would it be if I could teach her to ride the skateboard!" and so I have been trying to teach this. We had a blast working on it today and she definately understands that she has the ability to move it in the right direction and that she gets the click when she has at least two paws on it and it is moving towards me. Now I think I just need to work on asking for a little longer duration of riding it before I click. I even saw her use one of her legs to "kick" and keep the momentum going! Sooo funny!

Anyone have any tips for doggy skateboarding?

How bout suggestions for a tricks class that is somewhat out of the norm but still relatively simple? I would like to be able to teach some things besides shake, wave, rollover, bow.
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