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I have a training problem where I'm just not sure how to make it happen, i.e. what do I reward etc.
Our dog sleeps in our bed. We have taught him that he can't just jump up, he has to be invited. For the evenings, I'm happy with that. Unfortunately when he jumps off in the middle of the night, he also won't come back up unless invited. This past night I've woken up four times to a dog standing next to the bed whining softly, waiting for me to pat the bed.
Things have generally been this way for at least a year (so well ingrained), but either he used to jump up without invitation at night or he didn't used to leave the bed as much. But here we are. I can't keep doing this, I need sleep... But how do I teach him it's fine to jump up the bed without invitation? I'm fine completely dropping the invitation (i.e. also in the evening) if it means I can just sleep a solid night!
Thanks everyone!
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