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Taste of the Wild, new formula or wrong kibble in bag?

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I am putting this on general so more people might see it.

I opened a new bag of TOTW Wetlands and the kibble is much smaller and darker than it normally is. I did an online search and found one comment from someone who noticed this as well but her dog was fine after a few days of loose stools.

I called TOTW and the rep told me to call back with the date code on the bag and not to feed it until they had a chance to research it. Diamond makes many foods so it could be that the wrong food is in the bag, she said they hadn't changed the formula.

I don't have much of the old food left so I bought a food that my dogs have been on before, Natural Balance Ultra Premium. I am trying to mix it but will only be able to do so for a few days. I am feeding pumpkin.

Anyone else feed this and have you noticed a difference?
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I know this probably isn't much help, but the bag I bought 2 weeks ago was normal. I use the Wetlands formula as well.
We haven't used Wetlands in a while, but I bought a bag of High Prairie last week and it was normal. I know that wasn't any help at all, but I'm kinda curious as to what they say though.
I will let you know, thanks for the feedback!

My date code is best before 18APR10 and it's the 15 lb bag of wetlands so maybe you can avoid that date if you need food soon.

I will work on a photo but I don't know how to post them. If someone really needs a photo, PM me and I'll email it to you.

I called the 800# to give bag info and they opened a case and said that the quality control person was out of the office until monday. She told me to go and get a different bag of food.

Kind of frustrating but not surprising. We are half on what little I had left of the old TOTW and half Natural Balance and heavy on the pumpkin hoping we don't have a mess!
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