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Tank's really obsevant. (long)

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It's like he can tell before me when I am sick or my body is acting funny. I am very irregular when it comes to my period(guys you can stop reading here if you want to,lol). I only have it 2-4 times a year. When I do get it, I get sick. I throw up and if i try to stand I get dizzy. So I have to lay on the couch all day watching TV. Tank always seems to pick up on it. For some reason when I am laying down he jumps on on me and will put his front paws and head on my stomach and lay there all day( until a potty break or he gets to eat). I don't know why but it seems to help me with the cramps. Maybe it is the pressure on my stomach? If I am sick from the flu or something he follows me everywhere. If I go to the bathroom I here him pacing at the door, if I go outside for some fresh air and don't take him he starts to whine.

This morning, Tank was acting funny though. He was following me around and would not leave me alone. I thought maybe he needed a walk so I took him my cousin and Bentley to the park. After being there for about 10 minutes he still kept following me(he was off-leash). Usually he sniffs around and chases a squirrel or two. I started having a little pain in my stomach and thought it was a hunger pain. I didn't eat breakfast yet(it was 8 in the morning) so we went home. I made me and my cousin breakfast and fed the dogs. After I ate the pain got worse and I knew why Tank was following me around. By around 11, I thought I was dying!! I was getting dizzy so I laid down on the couch. Tank, of course jumped up there and laid on my stomach. So I told my sister to watch my cousin because I was going to take a nap and told her why. Tank stayed the the hole time and I woke up around 12p.m. I feel a little better now but Tank still won't leave me alone.

last year I got really sick( had a 102 temp for 3 days). I literally slept for about 3 days straight. Tank wouldn't move at all. he would go potty and come right back in to lay by me. When I would wake up to get a drink or eat a little that's when he would eat a little. I never realized how close he was to me until last year.

Are your dogs really observant?
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