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I have sold Tamiflu as a pharmaceutical rep to the human medical community. So here's jsut a bit of info about the medication and how it works.

First, it's not cheap.

Second, and most importantly, Tamiflu works by disrupting the replication of the virus. So if you are going to ask the vet to use Tamiflu you must administer the med in the first 48 hours after symptoms first appear. During the first 24 hours would be better. Once the dog has been sick for more than 48 hours the virus has multiplied in the bloodstream to such an extent that Tamiflu would not be effective. Tamiflu does not KILL the virus, it only PREVENTS more viral particles from forming.

Once you have had a case of parvo in your home it would be wise to do a thorough cleaning and there is a sticky at the top of the health forum with some basic guidelines. Also, it would be very unwise to bring another young puppy (or an elderly dog with an aging immune system) to your home for at least one year. Parvo is highly contagious and lives in the environment (dirt, carpeting, upholstry, floors, ANYTHING the infected dog had contact with) for at least one year, maybe longer.
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