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Lately, I've been "fake barking" at Wally to see if he'd bark (just to have some fun with him).

Well, if I "bark" and say speak, he'll bark, then he'll bark with my pseudobarks.

Now, if I pseudobark at him long enough, he'll bark and then it's like he has to out-bark me. He won't stop until I do, and he'll keep getting louder. If I get louder, he'll get louder. If I get faster, he'll get faster. If I start making like a roooorooo sound, his ears move back and forth and he looking me like "what's THAT supposed to mean?"

Well, lately I've been changing my sounds, and he'll try to copy them! If I do a rarrorarrorarrr type sound, he'll try to do the same sound. When he does, I'll give him a tasty treat.

This is really interesting to me and I've been doing it on occasion.

He just has to get the last word..er bark, or moan, or rrrarararrr LOL :D
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