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taking my shoe

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my dog seem to always be taking my slipper and shoes to chew on. ANyone got any suggestion as to how to stop him
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Extinguish the behavior by putting your shoes and slippers out of reach, teach your dog a take-it and drop-it cue, and give your dog plenty appropriate chew items.
Exactly what Curbside said. The fastest easiest solution is to put the shoes out of sight. Dogs need to chew. Many dogs will lose interest in heavy chewing as they get older but some will continue to need chewing for their entire lives. To a dog shoes are just big rawhides with a nice chewy rubber edge. Provide better options like Kongs and Nylabones.
l do have chew toys for him, but it gets annoying when he brings it in from my storm door
Put the shoes where your dog can't get them, and get some chew toys or cow hooves for your dog to chew on instead. All of my dogs like cow hooves the best.

Also, dogs often chew on things when they are bored.
puppies chew-especially if it has your scent on it-don't leave your shoes where the puppy can get them
puppies chew-especially if it has your scent on it-don't leave your shoes where the puppy can get them
That's exactly what I was going to say. In the old days it was a given that puppies got old slippers to chew. Heck my mum always gave the puppies I had dad's old slippers. These days we know better. With all those lovely smells on them shoes & socks are just what a dog loves.:D

Don't let the dog have access to them.
Out of sight, out of mind. When Marley was a pup he used to chew any shoes left out so we just stopped leaving them out. He doesnt seem to enjoy it anymore since our shoes have been safe to be left out for some time now
When Dallas was a younger puppy, we just put all our shoes by the front door in a tote box, instead of a pile. She pretty much outgrew the chewing on the shoes though, well at least we thought she did. My daughter is home on spring break this week. Dallas stoled several of her socks to chew on. My daughter bought a new pair of winter boots last night (thought we'd get a decent sale in March.) Dallas was very interested in the new boots, so I put them in a closed room. Daughter took them out to waterproof them, couldn't find the waterproof spray, put them by the front door and forgot about them. You guessed it Dallas didnt't forget about them, and started to chew on them. Ruined them a little, but we think we can fix them. Daughter must stay more focused! Funny thing is, Dallas doesn't ever bother with our shoes any more, just lately with my daughter's.
Hmm, after my last 2 posts I'm noticing a little regression in Dallas.
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