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Take Your Dog To Work Day

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Take Your Dog To Work Day is on June 26, and it's coming up! I can't bring my beagles to my workplace, but are any of you celebrating? :)

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I wish. Maybe I can arrange to work from home that day.
I would definitely take one of mine if I was working that day. I'll be on vacation!:D

and the pound puppy crew.
Mine go every day and that's a day I work so yep!
I take turns taking my dogs to work with me most days, so I will be SURE to take them both on the 26th. Thanks for letting me know this was coming up!
maybe, since my 3 go w/ me all the time, i'll "switch it up" and leave them home....drive my DH nutz:D:rolleyes:
Brutus would deliberately jack up computers just to make me fix them. No thanks.
^ Such a hound he is. :)
I'll be on summer vacation by then, so no dogs at work for me!
Ya know.. this place.. they have a strict policy.. "No Pets or animals" in the Guvmint buildings or vehicles. The division I work for has me running all over the woods looking at land to add to the protected open space (most of it is woods too). PERFECT for taking the dog.. but if I use their car I cannot.

If it is not too far I bring her in my own truck (even doing THAT is restricted because you don't get mileage).. but I will be in the office that day so No Pets and my dog will be home. *sigh*

Unless I take the day off... or Get Lola's Dad's Job.... :D
I bring a dog to work most days, I will make sure I bring someone on that day:)
I'd participate...but despite working at a vet and bringing Bridgette in fairly often, she really hates being there while I'm working! :)
^ Such a hound he is. :)
He would also earn his keep by finding every single piece of food that anyone has ever dropped in the entire building.
They DO allow dogs on public busses here (hubby's a bus driver), but I don't think Ice would be that thrilled stuck on one for 4 hours. =P

Then again, I've never taken her on a bus before, so who knows?
Darn! I can't do that anymore. I used to work in a children's center and did bring my dog to work with me. Not just on that special day but fairly often. Yes, Yes, I did bring my scary Rottweiler to play with small children on a regular basis. Oddly enough, none of the parents had an issue with it either. :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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