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I know that some dogs naturally curl their tails and other dogs just wag them all the time.... But Soro's does a whole bunch of things and I'm thinking it might be some signal that I don't understand.

When he's walking on leash it's usually either wagging slowly or held in a 'shallow dish' shape, if that makes sense.
When he's offleash it's higher up and waving slowly.
And then sometimes it's in a U shape. Not tucked, but it's sort of limp with an upward curve in the last 1/3 of it. Actually,like a greyhounds!

Also, sometimes it's hard for me to get him to wag his tail, and this might just be me being petty but I also hope I'm not stressing him out or anything! Because if anyone else gives him attention his tail goes crazy, but when I walk by or say something or whatever, he's just like 'meh.' Maybe it's because I give him the most attention in general (well, he's my dog :D) and he's just used to me? :D

And while I'm on the topic of tails... When I look through dog ID books a lot of dogs hold their tails like this:
I've always been told that tucked tails means scared, but is it just a show-stance or something?
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