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Tail Chasing

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My dog is usually just chasing its own tail.
I had heard that dog chasing its own tail is the sign of the canine compulsive disorder. Is it true?
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What kind of dog is it, and how old? Also, what is your dog's normal energy level, and does it spend noisy of the time inside or out, with people or alone? Having that info as a baseline will help a lot!

For example, if it's a young puppy, and it's doing this a couple times a day while acting insane, it's just the "puppy crazies." If it's, say, a visla that's mostly outside without much interaction, then it's needing a way to focus its inbred hunting instincts and a way to burn off all of its energy. So... a bit more info about your dog would really help!

Best of luck!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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