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Not sure if this is the correct section to post this but looking for some help.

About two days ago my dog developed a swollen nose. The left side looks reddish, it’s swollen and if I touch around it, I can feel like a bump. The right side is fine and looks normal. He’s not complaining or sensitive if I touch it. I don’t see him scratching at it or trying to rub it again stuff like if it were bothering him.

I called his vet and explained what’s going on. I was told to keep an eye on him and to check for any bleeding or some kind of discharge. They said it could be an allergic reaction or he could’ve gotten stung by something while outside.

I have noticed ants outside sometimes (huge ones) and I’ve warned my kids to be careful and to keep a good eye on him when they’re walking him outside. I’m hoping that it wasn’t that he got stun by one. I noticed that he’s also making a weird noise sometimes. I can only describe it as when somebody has a cold or the sniffles or when being congested and can’t breathe good.

The attached pictures are from two days ago when we originally noticed his nose. Now it’s even more swollen. Not sure what to do.
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I would call your vet back and inform them that it's getting worse, not better, and that he's sounding congested so you're worried it's impacting his breathing. It may well be time for him to go in an get a physical examination in case something's going on that needs medical intervention.

Good luck!
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