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Switching to Wellness

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I am finally trying premium food again. I had tried a slew of them when my dogs were younger, resulting in things ranging from gas to diarrhea to weight loss, before giving up, but I recently switched my cats to Wellness Core and I have been very pleased with the results. Smaller, odorless poops, shiny coats, and Muffins dandruff is going away. I figure the dogs deserve the same treatment. I am giving up my $100/month Starbucks habit to buy this food, lol, so fingers crossed for good results.
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Yay! Wellness Core is a good food! Of course, you know to transition slowly to avoid tummy upset.
Yup, I have about half a bag of the old food, I'm going to mix it in slowly. I did the same with my cats and it went off without a hitch. I expected diarrhea, but was surprised and amazed when I could no longer smell the litterboxes. :) With the dogs I'm hoping for some coat improvement. Frosty has been dry and dull lately.
Good Luck! I fed the Core reduced fat to an obese sheltie we adopted; she loved it and it worked great! If it works for your dogs, sign up on their website for the newsletters, they come with coupons!
Good luck! I do not have the Wellness Core ... yet. But I have been feeding Wellness Super5Mix now for two months ... and I can tell you that Blu Boy at 6 years old now has more energy ... and Eddee's coat is getting really nice and shiny! :) I mix Abbylynn's with 4Health ... so that doesn't really count! :) Plus she gets fish oil and vitamin E.
Hallie does great on Wellness, and she looooves it.

As mentioned above, they're awesome at sending out coupons and samples. I requested ONE sample, and was surprised to find a 2 lb box full of samples a week later.
Thanks for letting me know about the coupons and samples, I have written to companies before and gotten coupons, I will definitely do this and let them know how great the cats are doing on their food.
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