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Suspected fungal infection

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Just want to know if anyone has seen this type of infection on their pups
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If so, what did you do? I’ve tried antibiotics, minimally helps. She’s a black lab and 13yrs old, just want to make her comfortable
This needs to be seen by a vet so they can determine appropriate treatment. Not all antibiotics will be effective for all infections, and won't work at all if this is fungal, a parasite, allergies, or any other of a number of possible non-bacterial skin issues. It's against forum rules to try to diagnose medical problems that haven't had vet care, because if anyone guesses wrong it could make the problem worse or delay necessary veterinary intervention.
She has had vet care. Given kelflex or cephalexin. I’m an NP and can write script, but nothing seems to help. She has had sarcomas in the past, but this looks different and I’m not sure what to do. She’s old but a healthy old. Doesn’t bother her and she gets around fine. Was asking to see if any other people have used an anti fungal and covered with gauze and vet wrap with success
1 - 3 of 8 Posts