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There's a lot of red flags here. Given their website domain name isn't even a day old, they have no information about their breeding dogs, and their images can be found on at least two other identical sites using different names (all of which have identical testimonials aside from the name of the kennel being changed) that are also brand new, it's quite possible that this is a scam.

Scam websites that pop up and vanish after a few people have sent money for puppy + shipping are popping up a lot lately, so way better to play it safe and not go through a website with an extremely new domain and with a kennel name that doesn't bring up any results besides the website itself when you search for it. Legit kennels will have other search results from puppy buyers, other breeders they've worked with, show/sport results, their Facebook or Instagram accounts, etc.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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