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Summer time with Koda & Benji ( just LOOK at how much Benji has changed )

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Over the summer Koda has lost 5.5 POUNDS from limited treats,human food and a walk a day! he is now a safe and healthy 17.5.

Benji when we got him at 6 weeks (6 pounds) and now 5 months(24 pounds)....


creepin on the neighbours

sharing a chair, thats as far as their relationship will allow LOL

24 degrees and waking up from a nap <3

guess who wants the toy

adventure to an old french fort

Koda walks himself when no ones around

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Awwwe .... Koda is looking much better ... and that TAIL!!! I love it! And Benji's face is just so adorable and he is growing since I saw him last. I just adore those two. :)

Do they ever slip on the bare floors running like they do! Lol! Eddee is always doing some sort of a dance ... legs going 100 miles an hour ... manages to stay upright ... but looks entirely hilarious running through the kitchen! Lol! Poor Abbylynn has taken a couple spills in the past chasing Blu Boy! Blu Boy knows how to slide to home base under the kitchen table! Lol! :D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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