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Summer lovin!

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Well summer is here and for my dogs that means....LAKE TIME!! We go to my parents lakehouse about every other weekend in the summer. We spent 3 days there over memorial day weeknd and at one point there were 7 dogs there. 4 labs, 1 springer spaniel, 1 rottweiler and 1 hound mutt. Guess who was the best retreiver??? My little hound mutt! lol I was shocked, she took to the water like a nautal and is a freakishly fast swimmer! On to the pictures...

Luke thinks it's better to jump over the tires than around. He is followed by Zoey and my cousins lab Foley.

So this is how it worked...Once the other dogs realized Zoey would always get the ball, they stopped jumping in for it. They waited for Zoey to bring it half way to shore then "assisted" her the rest of the way... The rott is my cousins dog Sierra, an absolute sweetheart.

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Aaaahhhh so cute

Having some trouble getting my pictures to resize on photobucket...grrr...will have to try and upload more later.
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Nothing like a good roll in the sand...

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Haha I don't know what I'd do if a wet Jubel decided he needed to roll in the sand and get covered in it. Sand will be coming off of her for weeks to come I'm sure.

I love that she is the swimming all star in the group, go Zoey!

Hanging out at a horse show, Luke is teaching his baby sister how to be a good horse show dog.

She's learning well. Has been to 2 shows and was awesome.

And this is what happens Monday after a long weekend at the lake.

Some of the shenanigans that Luke has to put up with....

Cute sunbathers
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Wow - that looks like soooooooooooooo much fun in that lake!! Super jealous here.
She's turning out to be quite a cutey. You'll be finding sand in unexpected places for a while!
Oh yah....the sand...I probably spent about 20 minutes brushing sand out of her after she was dry (this was after tossing her back into the water a few times of course!). And have been brushing sand out of my bed and vacuuming the couches since....lol
OMG! That looks like they had so much fun!

I can hardly wait to dock our boat .... I sooo want Eddee to be a water dog! :) We don't usually get the boat cleaned up for the year and docked until about the first of July. :(

Those are really good photos and the dogs are all awesome looking too!
that looks like a lot of fun. looks like they make a great team all making sure that toy gets back haha. cute pups!
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