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Summer Fun!

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Since my camera broke and I still haven't replaced it, I'm stuck with cell phone pictures. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out though! So here's a bunch of random pictures from this summer of my two dogs, horse, and the other critters around the farm I keep my horse at.

I was attempting to get a picture of Boomer and Duke together and it wasn't easy! Boomer wanted to jump off the dock and Duke was sure I was planning on pushing him off the dock so neither wanted to stand still for me. Finally got a decent one though

They were not happy with me

Finally getting to jump in

This is how most of his dock diving pictures turn out

Love how these turned out for a cell phone camera

my beaver dog

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I guess because it has been so dry here the ground is very hard. We've been having a terrible time with the dogs tearing the pads on there feet. Poor Duke lasted about 20 minutes on our trail ride before I had to turn back because he was limping. Poor guy was miserable and he's way too big for me to carry back. Luckily he has a good friend to watch out for him while we made our way back slowly. He'd wait for him when he'd get behind and sit with him when he stopped lol

He was very concerned about his buddy

Duke looks so tiny in this picture

The other little farm dog

And this is what I found in the hay

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This is the one I'd love to take home if I could

I'll post all my horse pictures in the other pets section since I've already flooded this with photos.
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Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing. I like your horses too for that matter. One of my favorite pics from this forum was that one of you and a friend sitting on a bench at your farm with your dogs and horses all gathered around wanting your attention.
Haha yeah I like that picture too! That's what happens when you have 8 horses, 7 dogs, barn cats, and a dozen ducks around you, you're never lonely and everyone wants your attention! I had to take care of the animals at the farm while the owners were on vacation this weekend and it was just never ending. Going to college I forgot how much work there is to do when you have so many animals. I brought in the horses, fed them, turned them out, cleaned the stalls, fed the dogs and cats, then its getting dark and I'm heading out when I find one of the momma barn cats is sick. So I'm climbing under the porch to try and help this cat that is half wild and would love to claw my hand off. I figure she can't take care of her babies so I put them with the other mom cat after chasing them around in the dark. Then I'm finally getting in my car and the ducks come yelling at me for not feeding them lol.
Great pictures!! I like how you got your dog's splash, sometimes dogs are just too fast for us to take pictures of. And that kitten is soo cute. Looks like all of you had a great time; can't wait to see your horse pictures now.
Awwwe ... the kittens!!! They are sooo cute! I so wish I was not so allergic to them and could have just one around here to keep the mice away from the house. :( Leeo used to keep them in check.

I know what you mean about cell phone pics! Lol! Yours did turn out good though.

It looks like the dogs had fun ... and pulled and "Abbylynn" on you a couple of times ... refusing to look at the camera! Lol! My Niece frightened Abbylynn with a camera noise app she put on my phone once .... without telling me. Ruined Abbylynn and picture taking forever!
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