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Suggestions With A New Dog

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So im thinking about getting a dog to run and exercise with and to just have as a companion. i used to have a dog before but he unfortunatly had to be put down :( he was a pitbull boxer mix and Very energetic. but its been a while and now i think im ready for a new dog. but the dilemma is im not sure what kind of dog i should get and also if i should go for a dog that is already atleast 1 year old:confused:
ive already decided that i want to get a rescue dog but I really like the whole puppy stage, but to go running with i would have to wait right? but what im looking for is a dog that wont need attention 24/7 i can give a decent amount of my day but i have training for football and ill be gone for a few hours a day. Suggestions, tips, Help?
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