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Suggestions to help with teething

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Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum. Not new to the world of dogs. I’ve had big and small dogs. However, I currently have a 15 week old standard poodle. He is CRAZY! He can’t stop trying to chew everything and anything AND EVERYONE!!!. He’s is so hyper it’s like he’s in pain. (Which I’m sure he is) but worse than “normal”. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. He has toys galore, I’ve tried ice cubes, frozen clothes, Feeding him extra food, we’re walking him 2-3 times a day (short walks) but enough to tire him for about 20 mins after the walk. Then the Crazy starts all over.

I’m having a hard time deciding if he’s hungry and/or if it’s the teething.

Can anyone recommend anything. Teething tips. New food recommendation. ???

My next step is to call our vet. Which is a bit embarrassing considering the number of pets I’ve gone through this process with. But I’m desperate.

I should mention, when he’s not hyped up, he’s very good and calm and smart. It’s just these constant hyped up episodes out way the settled ones right now.
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