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Suggestions for a vacuum?

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Here's the deal, I am a college student moving in to a new place in the fall and hopefully will be adopting a dog not to long after. I am in the process of furnishing the place, so as you can imagine, I'm getting a lot of freebees from relatives and people throwing stuff out so I don't have to spend a lot of money. The one thing, however, I feel like I can't be cheap about is a vacuum. What I am looking for are suggestions for which vacuum I should get considering I am getting a dog? I've done a little bit of research and everyone swears by the Dyson Animal but at $500+ I was hoping for other suggestions. I am also thinking of getting a carpet rake just to take a little pressure off the vacuum. So any suggestions?
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Personally, while the Dyson may be a great vac, I won't go for it purely based on price. We've had an Oreck that's still going strong after 10 years but it's not spectacular at picking stuff up, I wouldn't get one again. We also have a 25 year old Kenmore canister vac that is still working like a champ to this day.

I have a beltless Kenmore Progressive upright with tools and attachments onboard that I absolutely love. It stands up to 2 guinea pigs (I vacuum their cage daily), 3 chihuahuas and my Siberian husky, who is the real challenge, like a champ and has done so for 4 years now. It is an excellent, sturdy vacuum with exceptional suction and cleaning power (and has scored way better than all of the Dyson models consistently for years in Consumer Reports' tests) and only costs $250, less if you have a coupon or get it on sale like we did. If I had $1000 to buy any vacuum that I wanted today, I'd still get the Kenmore Progressive upright that I have now.
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