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I'm presently in limbo deciding whether to go to school to become a vet-tech or to become a vet. Significant wage differences, yes; as well as significant education differences. But I'm sure that a lot of background knowledge would be similarly valuable.

So here I am, asking for reading recommendations. Magazines, journals, small books, textbooks, articles, anything that you have found valuable in the past. If it's online, feel free to give me the link. I do prefer natural methods personally (like that of Pitcairn and Goldstein), but if it's about western medicine and is still intriguing and outstanding...please don't be afraid to mention it.

Special Interests include: Horses, AIHA (Auto-Immune Hemalytic Anemia), Parasites (especially ticks), Vaccines (symptoms/complications, as well as implementation/effectiveness of limited vaccine schedules w/titers), and Immune suppressants (how they work, and how they sometimes work too well and cause further problems).

Thanks for the suggestions!
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