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Sudden yelp, mouth pain??

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I just googled and read 7000 symptoms, and keep jumping to conclusions and going crazy worried.

Since i moved back home from the US, vets here are so inexperienced/unreliable because dogs were never popular. So im in need of additional expert advice.

My dog is a Frengle: 6.5yrs.

Today he did something I’ve never witnessed before. During our walk, he suddenly did a quick small yelp(like the one u hear when u accidentally step on their paw) i looked around I thought he stepped on something but nothing.

2hrs Later at home, playing and running with a ball and as he tries to grab the ball for the 3rd time he did another tiny yelp and backs away as if scared.

3rd time at dinner while passing him a tiny piece of chicken , the 7th or 8th piece he did that again but very softly. And backed away as if scared. HE NEVVER DOES THAT.

Apart from that he’s acting normal, eating normal (except in the morning takes him a while to get his appetite) but otherwise always wanting food treats normal as usual. Runs plays etc.

While reading so many, narrowed down maybe sudden sprain on paw or something.. maybe due to overweight but why all of a sudden in one day.

Kept reading, narrowed down to probable mouth pain?? Reached here as i saw him licking the air earlier .. usually he does that before he throws up due to random bloating/acid or hunger

But this time i said hmm maybe licking due to mouth pain? So took a photo of his teeth because I really dont know what’s going on. Hard to brush his teeth tried many times but now i REALLY have to after seing this... what stage do you think this is? Gingivitis? Pre-periodontal disease? Gum color ok? Inflammation?

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You need a Vet to respond.

Have you tried to contact your previous Vet?
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