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Sudden overprotective/possessive dog?

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Hi there!!
I have a 8 month Husky/Lab cross who has suddenly become overprotective and quite possessive. He never used to be this way but recently when other dogs come near me (especially when I have treats or his ball) he snaps at the other dog. Or when he is playing with his ball another and another dog comes near, he snaps too!! Otherwise he is very friendly and gets along with dogs all sizes. He is very socialized with people and other dogs and it wasn't just until recently that he has started to become like this.
Has anyone else experienced something similar? And what can I do to teach him not to do this?

Any help is appreciated!!
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When it comes to issues of aggression, I think it'd be really best for you and him to seek the help of a Dog Behaviorist. They would be much better able to assess your situation and the environment and give you real tools to work with your dog.

There simply isn't enough information to go on here, and it'd be much safer to go by a professional's sound advice.
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