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Sudden growling and snapping at 6year old

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this we have a pity bull mix she’s been super loving and friendly with us we’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old ever since she had her first period things have been off she keeps growling at my daughter for no reason. It stopped for a long time then tonight she snapped at her hand when she was trying to pet her keep in mind 10 min before she was licking cuddling with my daughter then all of a sudden snapped at her twice my kid doesn’t tease her or hit her or do anything annoying she was playing with a toy when it happened but after it happened the second time she was just laying there . The dog is almost two years old . Thanks for any info !
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Dogs don't usually growl and snap for no reason. There is a reason, you just have to figure out what it is (you might have to hire a behaviourist to really figure it out). The solution is pretty simple though - keep them apart. How old is your daughter? Were you in the room when these incidents occurred? How did you react once she growled/snapped?

You should take the dog to the vet to rule out any medical issues. The dog is obviously unhappy about SOMETHING. Growling is not necessarily a bad thing - she's letting everyone know she doesn't like what is happening. If whatever is happening doesn't stop she will have to escalate to a snap because nobody is listening to the growl.

Keep them apart and make sure the dog has a "safe place" she can go to get away if she wants to (where she can't be bothered). Kids can be unpredictable and erratic in their movements and some dogs are just less tolerant than others.
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She’s 7 the dog was playing with a toy I thought that might be it , we were literally just sitting there and my kid doesn’t jump on her or tease her she was just reaching over to pet her again like she was 5 min before. That’s why it was so confusing she’s never done that then I told the dog NO . She seemed sorry after because my daughter was crying she looked sad and kept putting her head on my daughter then she was petting her again and all was fine but about 5 min later the dog was laying down at the foot of the couch and my daughter reached down to to pet her and she did it again the chew toy was by the dog so I don’t know if she got startled both times or she thinks she’s trying to get the toy which would be weird because they always play together. After she did it the second time I told her no again and put her in her crate. She has her space where she goes and most of the time she goes to sleep with my daughter at the foot of her bed on the floor that’s why it’s so confusing she did this it was almost as if she didn’t recognize who she was
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