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It sounds like he's a very exciteable and submissive puppy. Many puppies DO grow out of the "excitement" peeing as it's simply based on bladder control..but the roll over or squat pee is definitely something that can become a true behaviour issue.
How much correction do you use in your training? Is he sound sensitive? Space sensitive? Some dogs will pee if you "loom' over them, speak too loudly or even just say NO in a harsh way.
How old is he? Puppies go through several fear stages in their first year of development, one at around 7 weeks, one at about 14 weeks and again at around six months. Some go through another at around 1 year. In those times, any thing that frightens them can leave lasting effects.
If you could come back with some more details that would be helpful.

Will he make eye contact with you?
Does he turn his head away when you work with him or approach him?
Does he hide at any time? When?
What are the exact circumstances that happen when he urinates submissively and what are YOU doing at that time? Grabbing his collar? Picking him up? Correcting him?

Please be sure that I am NOT accusing you of overcorrection here, I just want as much detail as possible to ensure the tips I give are going to be accurate.
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