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Submissive/Excited peeing

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My just over 1 year old lab/poodle/spaniel mix has always had a bit of a problem with both excited and submissive peeing. When she was very young she would pee when excited very often, and submissive pee randomly but not as frequently.

She seems to have (mostly) gotten over excited peeing now. I thought she had gotten over submissive peeing as well, but did it not long ago when we had my mom visit from out of town. She greeted us at the door, then head and tail both down sniffed my mom with a little trail of pee behind her.

We have always just ignored both, people told us it would likely go away with age and it has for the most part. My concern is if dogs tend to submissive pee when scared....why is she scared? She LOVES people, dog parks are more people parks to her. She likes other dogs as well but can get a little shy and overwhelmed by ones that show too much interest in her.

So my question is do we continue to ignore it? Is she lacking self confidence and we should be doing something to help her with that?


Edit: Not sure if it matters at all, but she was the easiest dog ever to house break. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and within the first week she 'got it" and by 12 weeks she was pretty reliable at it.
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My friend's little toy poodle does that a lot when greeting new guests. Before you bring them in, ask them to enter the room quietly, with slow movements and to ignore the dog for the first little while until the excitement fades away. For extreme measures, you can ask the person to not look or speak to the dog, and to even enter the room in such a way to not directly face the dog - i.e. sideways/avoiding be direct to the dog. This may help with the submission peeing. Once the dog is calm, then they can receive some quiet petting/cooing from the guests.

Hope this helps!
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