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Submissive/Excited peeing

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My just over 1 year old lab/poodle/spaniel mix has always had a bit of a problem with both excited and submissive peeing. When she was very young she would pee when excited very often, and submissive pee randomly but not as frequently.

She seems to have (mostly) gotten over excited peeing now. I thought she had gotten over submissive peeing as well, but did it not long ago when we had my mom visit from out of town. She greeted us at the door, then head and tail both down sniffed my mom with a little trail of pee behind her.

We have always just ignored both, people told us it would likely go away with age and it has for the most part. My concern is if dogs tend to submissive pee when scared....why is she scared? She LOVES people, dog parks are more people parks to her. She likes other dogs as well but can get a little shy and overwhelmed by ones that show too much interest in her.

So my question is do we continue to ignore it? Is she lacking self confidence and we should be doing something to help her with that?


Edit: Not sure if it matters at all, but she was the easiest dog ever to house break. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and within the first week she 'got it" and by 12 weeks she was pretty reliable at it.
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Submissive/excited peeing isn't a matter of housetraining. It's about the fact that she basically loses control of her bladder when she's excited or nervous/scared. I have a dog, 2.5 years old, who pees EVERY darn time he sees my dad. Keep in mind, he LOVES my dad, and when we go visit my folks he follows my dad around, and sits on his lap and loves attention from my dad. But, when we first get there, he pees the minute he sees my dad. So, we always make sure that we have them greet each other outside, so there's no mess inside.

Submissive peeing doesn't have to be because she's scared. It could be that she's excited to see your mom, or just unsure about her, if she doesn't visit often she may not remember who she is. OR, she's peeing from being submissive: she's a bit nervous and is showing she is no threat to your mother.

Usually, people say they do grow out of it. Harper doesn't do it anymore, to anyone except my dad. :)
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