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Heck. I thought this was gonna be a warning about some mind control conspiracy :spy: ... like Fido could be sending out brain waves: "BUY MY DOG FOOD AT WALMART" ... er somethin'.

Soooo .... I guess I can rest easy and put away my tinfoil hat now, won't be needing it.


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Dogs I have owned in the past..Barked and ran to the door when they had to go out.
The "barking" ..got my attention and then... "running to the door" ...Hmmmmm.
Easy to understand. Shes barking because she has to go out!

My current dog doesnt" bark or run to the door " when she has to go outside.
She just sits and stares at me..and when I look at her..She looks at her tail...
and when I look away...She stares at me..and look at her..she looks at her tail again.
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