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Stupid neighbors...

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I have it out for one of my neighbors. I admit it. I don't like them. But I have very valid reasons.

I've had issues with this neighbor in the past. They have came to my house before with their yellow Lab, who was in heat knowing full well that Eddie was intact (he's not now). They came then asking if we wanted any vegetables from their garden or some such thing. Pffttt...and then they didn't even try to help as my boyfriend and I were wrestling Eddie back in the house. Ever try to get an intact male away from a female in heat? Not fun and not easy at all.

They let their dog roam. The dog has came to my house before, so I tethered the dog up, called the neighbor to tell them I had their dog. They didn't come and get her for an hour! Because apparently they think that I don't have anything better to do than babysit their dog and when they FINALLY showed up they didn't even say Thank You.

I can't walk Uallis past their house anymore because the guy shoots off his gun when we do and then innocently claims that he "didn't know we were there". It spooked Uallis and he bolted for home, pulling me behind him...on a gravel road. I was ticked off but gave the neighbor the benefit of the doubt...until it happened again. So I can't walk Uallis past his house anymore.

Yesterday, was the LAST straw. I was taking Eddie for a walk. We were having a good time, the weather was warm with a nice breeze. We are innocently walking along and what do I see??? Their freakin' dog running at us full speed. I wasn't afraid that the dog would be aggressive because remember I've met this dog in the past and she's friendly. I was worried about Eddie. Eddie isn't always very nice around other dogs. I tried to turn around and head back toward home but Eddie wasn't having it. The dogs were going to meet and I knew it so I moved off the road into a little clearing, which I'm thankful for now. The two dogs greeted each other and Eddie was very nice and didn't act aggressive in the least. He actually liked the dog. I relaxed thinking that everything would be fine. They'd greet each other for a minute and then Eddie and I could go back home. I should have known better because things can never be that simple. The two dogs started playing, the other dog took off running and Eddie apparently decided that it looked fun because took off after her...with me still holding his leash. I put up a good fight and managed to hold on for awhile but it wasn't to be and I ended up landing on my face on the ground hence me being thankful I moved off the road. After I got up, I began running after them, calling Eddie frantically...and totally freaking out. After calling him only about 15 times, he finally came back and we walked home. Eddie looked so pleased with himself and happy...which just made me even more angry as I'm huffing and puffing all the way back home. I walk in the house and I'm steaming mad. I told my boyfriend what happened and OF COURSE he thought it was just freaking hilarious because I fell on my face...he's mean like that.

I should have quit while I was ahead...I really should have...After the fiasco with Eddie's walk I still needed to walk Uallis. So I hook him up to the leash and we're off. But we can't walk up past the neighbors house because of the gun issue; so the plan was to go in the opposite direction...like we always do. Uallis would NOT budge once we got down to the bottom of the driveway. He was sniffing the air and acting edging but I'm not the brightest crayon in the box I guess because I didn't take the hint. I get it in my head that I'm going to make him go. I'm pulling on his leash trying to make him move and what does he do??? He bolts back toward the house...with me still holding his leash. This time I didn't fall on my face...BUT my already dirty, muddy NEW jeans ended up getting wet as well and not to mention my shoes when Uallis pulled me through the ginormous mud puddle in the driveway.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when I can't even walk my dogs because of that neighbor and I AM blaming them for Uallis pulling me up the driveway. They probably had something to do with Uallis refusing to walk. I don't know, maybe he caught the scent of their evil and it scared him.
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Wow... that totally bites tail. Have you given them the what-for yet?
It only takes one lousy neighbor to make life bad! I have one too, & I feel bad for you!
That sounds a LOT like my neighbor and his dog.
Hope it all gets sorted out.
I feel for you. Our neighbor bugs me, too. He has two dogs: a lab and a pitty mix, and he's awful to them. The lab is the one I worry about; it's vicious. If that lab ever gets out, they will have a lawsuit.

The neighbor is just awful. One time he yelled at my boyfriend's dog (also a pit mix of some type) for "talking."

We have a fenced in yard, and my bf's pooch tends to make loud people like noises when she wants in, which was only for like a second before we heard her and let her in. Personally, I think it's really cute. She sounds like a person.

I guess he thinks his incessant yelling at his own dogs is acceptable...I find that annoying. I tend to be Miss Mouth when annoyed, so my boyfriend pulled me inside before I could tell him all about himself.

I think you're probably a bit more laid back then I am. My mouth gets me in trouble. :-(
My boyfriend doesn't want me to say anything to my neighbor because he doesn't want any trouble stirred up.

He's talked to them on a few occasions...like when they brought their in season female to our house around Eddie; he explained to him that we weren't interested in breeding Eddie and that even the idea of Eddie spawning is horrifying as he's neurotic. And then again when the neighbor shot the gun off when Uallis and I were out. My boyfriend thought that maybe the neighbor was just afraid of Uallis and wanted to assure him that Uallis was friendly. The neighbor claimed that he didn't know we were there when he shot the gun and that he didn't even know we had a Mastiff. I figure that if he talked to him about the dog being loose it wouldn't go over well because the dog was on their property and I ventured on their property when I moved off the road. My dogs run loose on our property as well...but the difference is that someone is out with them when they are. I didn't see the neighbor at all yesterday when their dog was out. And also our house sits up on a hill a good distance from the road. It's unlikely that my dogs are going to bother other innocent people walking by. I just wish the neighbor would be a little more considerate when I walk my dogs. But I guess the easiest solution to it all is to just not walk Eddie in that direction anymore either...I just won't go past the neighbors house at all.

In fact, if I didn't hate the neighbor so much I'd probably even call them and ask if Eddie could play with their Lab as he was friendly with her and Eddie isn't the greatest around other dogs. It'd be nice if he had a friend to play with other than Uallis.
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I dont want to scare you but I just want to put in a word of advice. We are always gonna have stupid neighbors or even evil ones. You never know who is capable of doing evil. My Rocky may he rest in peace till mommy sees him again. I lived in a trailer park for a short time until i found a better place. I just got my new GSD Rocky about 6 months before, he was turning into a gorgeous dog. Well we were having stupid problems with one of the neighbors they kept saying he looked mean andthat he didnt need to be outside he was a pup!!!!!!! :mad: Well we finally got ready to move and I thought we was safe we wasnt that evening Rocky went downhill and I knew what it was and I knew it was to late he died that nite it happened around 6 all vets were closed and i was just praying that he would hang in there till morning since we have no emergency vets around here. It was poison the [email protected]##%ds poisoned him. I know it for a fact cause of the blood coming out of his arse that nite when he died, and believe you and me it wasnt easy watching him die when there was no vet around. I called, i cried, i cussed. We know who it was somoene seen him throw hamburger coated with antifreeze or he had rat poison in it one of the two and it was the 18 year son of the the dad that we were having problems with.

What im trying to say keep an eye on your dogs at all times when you got people like you are dealing with now you never know when you might wind up with one poisoned, people can be mean like that. Unless you have several thousand dollars for autopsy and people to prove it in court there is nothing you can do when its done. I miss my boy every day, he would have been two jan 26th of this year. There are some cruel people out there. I trust noone around my dogs and when someone starts runing their mouth im in fear every day and it usually winds up with me moving cause i dont want to ever go thru what i did when I lost rocky that nite forever haunts me.
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Luckly for you peeps, you only have ONE, max TWO bad neighbors..
I have a whooooooooole suburb of people who let their dogs roam.
Ask me how fun it is to walk a Husky Puppy and a dog high driven mutt around my place.

I can't train them like i should because this is way past the ''distraction'' line.
Your boyfriend sounds as wise as mine. He's got the same "just let 'em be, babe" mentality. Not that he doesn't get annoyed, too...he's just better about knowing the battles to pick. I'm lucky. My boyfriend's it for me. I'll marry him one day, just he doesn't need to know that, yet! ;-)

And Momto7 is right. You never know what people are capable of. I'd rather have the neighbor think he's top dog then have him hurt our little poochie girl in some way.
I have a neighbor two houses away who has two retrievers he likes to let roam the neighborhood occassionally. It drives me insane as the first place they head is my house where they tease and torment my dogs trying to get them to play. My dogs of course are in a fence so they can't get out. They yell and howl and bark their heads off instead. Is it too much to ask that people control their freaking dogs??
It was poison the [email protected]##%ds poisoned him. I know it for a fact cause of the blood coming out of his arse that nite when he died, and believe you and me it wasnt easy watching him die when there was no vet around. I called, i cried, i cussed. We know who it was somoene seen him throw hamburger coated with antifreeze or he had rat poison in it one of the two and it was the 18 year son of the the dad that we were having problems with.
Oh Lord! I'm sooo sorry to hear that happened!
Yep, I avoid the trouble neighbors as much as I can becuz you just never know when he or she is gonna psycho on you! And they KNOW how to play the game - how to work around the law & get away with it :(
It really does suck having to live your life afraid of what the psycho neighbor might do :mad:
Thanks for the advice. It's unlikely that he would poison my dogs. He's a neighbor yes...but a distant one. I don't have close neighbors as I live in a farm area. So its not like he could throw poisoned meat over the fence or something and my dogs aren't left outside unattended. Eddie used to be allowed to go outside but we had an incident with a UPS man...so Eddie can't be trusted outside alone anymore.

The thing that I DO worry about is the guy shooting my dogs. Another neighbor of mine claims that he shot her dog because her dog killed one of his chickens. If my dogs would happen to run off and wandered on his property...I have a very real fear that he'd shoot them...If that would happen...my boyfriend would likely do some very serious harm to the neighbor. As it is my boyfriend doesn't even want the dogs outside in OUR yard when the neighbor is doing target practice in the field across the road. Also, when he shot the gun off when I'd walk Uallis...I took it as a warning because to me that is what it seemed to be. I'd just wish that they'd be upfront about everything. If they would come to us and explain that they'd didn't want Uallis or even Eddie for that matter near their house...I'd be miffed but I would have respected it and walked elsewhere. I don't like sneaky people and if seems like every problem I have with them has a sneaky element to it on their behalf. Just like yesterdays fiasco with Eddie...suddenly their dog ran off...like she'd been called back. I didn't hear anyone call her but I was a bit distracted at the time with other matters. My boyfriend thinks the whole thing about yesterday is funny, namely because I fell which is what he really thinks is funny...but he did tell me to just not walk that way anymore.
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Is he legally allowed to shoot? Are you in the country?

I could send your neighbour vibes that he is attacked by burning hemmorrhoids :)
Oh yeah, he can shoot his gun. We are in the country. It's one of the reasons why he moved out here 4 or 5 years ago. He wanted a place to shoot his guns. To top it off, he also doesn't like us because we refused to sell our property to him. To add insult to injury when we DID decide to sell off some of it, we again refused to sell to him because he wanted to break the property up into lots. Instead, we sold it to another neighbor who actually USES the property by running his cattle on it and he won't break the property up and sell it off like the nasty neighbor would have. He literally used to call here several times a week trying to convince my boyfriend to sell. He doesn't understand that when property has been in your family for generations, you form an attachment to it. He even wanted the property that our HOUSE sits on. He's such a jerk. :mad:

I like the thought of him having an attack of burning hemorrhoids. :D
Mdawn your BF is a very calm person,i would have dealt with this fool a long time ago simply due to the gun poppin everytime you walk Uallis.

I think he is scared and thats his way of letting you know that if Uallis was to get rowdy,he has the gun.
Sounds like a real wanker! (who needs a good headbutt ;) )
I forgot to mention my neighbor's Chihuahua. That dog is freaking vicious and actually bit me once when I had the audacity to leave my house to get my mail. Fortunately for me a Chihuahua lacks the ability to bite through shoe leather. One of these days that dog is going to be in the yard and his owners won't be and I'm punt the bejesus out of him.
In my little neighbourhood everybody who has dogs has little dogs and they're all afraid of Bayley so I don't walk her here. I take her into the nearest town and walk her downtown. less chance of running into off leash dogs and then we go to this huge dog park that's big enough that the dogs don't have to be right on top of each other.
First of all, I would carry a cattle prod. I know the neighbor's dog is friendly and it is not the dog's fault and your neighbor is a jerk, but do you need this aggravation? No. Most dogs will not come near you again if shocked one time.

Second of all, I know you have very large dogs and if they take off, you cannot control them. I am sure if I had a 100 pound dog I would have problems with this too. I would train your dog to stop when you say so. A simple "whoa" command might be really useful. Train it so you can stop either dog anywhere and no matter what.. for your safety and for theirs.

I had a husband and a BF much like your BF who laughed when I got hurt. Note the Tense. "Had" is the operative word. Laughing at someone you supposedly "care" for when they get hurt is the sign of a coward. :mad: Would he have laughed if Eddie had dragged you in front of a car? What if you had broken a wrist or sprained an ankle and could not work? Funny??? Or would he have laughed if Eddie had been hit by a car? REAL funny????

As to the neighbor.. I don't know about Ohio but here in NY it is illegal to discharge a firearm within 500 feet of a house or in any manner where the shot can carry across a road. Check your laws and turn his butt in if he is breaking the laws.

If you wait for your BF to deal with it, you may be having a long wait.
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