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I am curious though, how should I introduce her to the house? I was thinking let them meet in the back yard when I bring her home. I'm thinking I should leave Oakley on a leash, or have them both on a leash, because of her spay, I don't want her getting injured. Like I mentioned earlier, she is scheduled for the Vet on Saturday, so I'm thinking to take it easy on her until then, which is gonna be HARD as he's gonna want to play so badly.
Well the way we introduced Kim and Webster worked pretty well (despite their having very different personalities and all my joking about their differences).

I took Web (new dog) and DH took Kim. We met at a big grassy area near where we lived and let the dogs see each other for the first time while positively reinforcing calm behavior. We then went on a reeeeeally long walk in which we stayed far enough apart that they couldn't interact directly, but close enough that we were definitely walking together (say 15' or so).

When we got home I went up with Webster first to walk him through the place and let him get his bearings. Then I crated him (a whole other story) and went back out to give Kim some attention, then we brought her in and crated her as well (she's very calm in a crate).

The whole idea being that we wanted them to have a chance to get used to each other without anyone getting rev'd up or having a bad experience right off the bat that would harm their long term relationship.

How you do it, especially the particulars, will depend a great deal on your knowledge of your own dogs. Just trying to give you an idea of the options available:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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