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Stumbled across the new addition to my family.

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On Saturday a good friend of mine that knew I was looking (although not actively) for a second dog decided to send me an email with a picture of a puppy at our Humane Society.

Hey I was at the humane society and I saw this puppy there. He was really well behaved and I think he was just neutered. Just thought you'd like to know. Oh yeah, daisy is still there :(
On a side note to explain the :(. Daisy is a beautiful female black lab, possibly purebred. She has been at the shelter since last October, when she was about 3 months old. I almost adopted Daisy back in February before I adopted Oakley, but there was some questionable things to her past and she had already begun to go cage crazy. Now, things are much worse. I knew then that I wasn't ready for a dog like that being a first time dog owner as an adult. Our local shelter has had numerous dogs on site for over a year. It just isn't right.

Back to the heart of my thread, after receiving this email I went down to the shelter on Monday to take a look, since he looked so much like my dog, even though we were really looking to add a female. (My guy is altered, and the future girl was to be altered as well, no breeding for me)

When I arrived and inquired I found out that the dog in question was still available, and it turns out, he is actually a she. Perfect. I inquired more to her past and found out that her name was 'Sunshine', and had been spayed on April 20. She had been adopted out once to a mother and daughter, who had been visiting her for weeks on an almost daily basis. However, the first night home, the daughter apparently had allergies, so they returned poor Sunshine the next day. Which might be for the best, as they were playing and running with her too much too soon after her spay and she started to swell a little bit and is now still on leash only walking. Tragic. I inquired more to how Sunshine came to the shelter and found out that she was seized from the original owner for neglect, and they didn't go into anymore details other then hinting and agreeing when I asked further questions. Sunshine is about 60lbs (a bit on the chunky side) and about 7months old, which is almost the same as my boy Oakley, who is 67lbs and about 7.5 - 8 months old now.

I took Oakley down today to meet Sunshine (still not sure if that name is staying as she doesn't answer to it anyway), and when they're beside each other they look almost identical, Oakley more Shepherd, Sunshine more Husky, a fatter, shorter, fluffier version. They even have the same 'cowlick' on the top of their butt.

The only thing that is holding up the adoption of Sunshine until tomorrow is my better half hasn't had a chance to meet her yet, as she works days, but tomorrow she is on a night shift and will be able to meet. So, provided my better half likes Sunshine, we'll be coming home with her and I'll have lots of pictures. I'm actually going to Petsmart within the hour to get all the new supplies for Sunshine, collar, crate, bowl, etc... On top of that I have a check-up appointment setup with my vet on Saturday (reserved in Oakley's name). Just to make sure everything goes smoothly. When we were considering a second dog over 2 months ago, I was very apprehensive, however this time I am pumped, and ready for it, with a touch of cold feet. You know, the typical worries of will she adapt, will he adapt, will the cats adapt? But I know almost everything is possible if you work at it.

Sorry for making this so long, will let you know more tomorrow. Also, if anyone has some new name suggestions please let them fly. I know, Annie, would be the perfect way to pair her to Oakley, but... I'm not so sure if we want to be that predictable. :)
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Oh, for the easy comparison, here's a shot of Oakley. (about a month ago)
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Oh wow, she is such a sweetheart! :) I love her face. Good luck with her adoption - I can't wait to see more pics!
congrats...they are both beautiful...they look like they could be brother and sister..good luck
Good luck, she's adorable!

Her and Oakley do look very similar :p
She is adorable! It sounds like your'e doing everything right. All the meetings ahead of time. I also think she needs a new name, though. ;) Like Callie or Manna.
or, you could call her Annie....then you'd have Annie Oakley:D:rolleyes:

she's a pretty girl and Oakley is a handsome boy...
Sunny and Oakley look a lot alike. You'd better be getting her a different color of collar then him or else they'd be mixed up! Aww! Thanks for possibly saving Sunny's life!

Very cool, I hope we will be seeing pictures of your new addition at home soon. :) I also hope poor Daisy can find a forever home too. IT is so sad to see dogs sitting in those stressful environments like that. I adopted a dog that was "cage crazy" also. Turned out to be a wonderful dog. I know I myself would go cage crazy and it wouldn't take me a year to do it. :(
Good luck!! Keep us posted :)
There is no way that wasn't meant to be. That is awesome!
She's beautiful! I hope it all works out.

By the way, I LOVE the name Sunshine, I'm a bit partial as it's my actual middle name. So if you kept it I wouldn't hate it.;)
AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! You'll have twins!!!!! uh kinda! You have to Post lots of pictures of them both on here!! :) Oakley is the best lookin dog here on dogforums. IMO (after my Maybe ;)lol) and now it's all that gorgeousness x2!!!
What a sweet face! I like the name Sunshine/Sunny. Seems to fit her :)
AWESOME! they look like they could be litter mates. o_O
Thanks for all the replys...

I think I'm in the boat now of keeping Sunshine, but I'm keeping an open mind, and I do think a dog that has been 'rescued' should be renamed, to leave all the old baggage behind.

As for Callie, we can't use that one... as my better half's friend's name is Cali, and I guess she could take offense.

I am curious though, how should I introduce her to the house? I was thinking let them meet in the back yard when I bring her home. I'm thinking I should leave Oakley on a leash, or have them both on a leash, because of her spay, I don't want her getting injured. Like I mentioned earlier, she is scheduled for the Vet on Saturday, so I'm thinking to take it easy on her until then, which is gonna be HARD as he's gonna want to play so badly.

Any tips or step-by-step guidelines would be most greatly appreciated.

AWESOME! they look like they could be litter mates. o_O
Yea... and that picture of Sunshine doesn't really do the likeness of the two any justice.
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The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was "hey, why is Oakley in a shelter run??" :D They really look like brother and sister and I bet you're going to get a lot of comments on that. Actually, Sunshine and Oakley fit together in my mind, because Oakley always reminds me of the brand of sunglasses...

I would introduce her to Oakley on neutral territory... there is a sticky somewhere, I think in the training forum, on how best to introduce dogs.
I am curious though, how should I introduce her to the house? I was thinking let them meet in the back yard when I bring her home. I'm thinking I should leave Oakley on a leash, or have them both on a leash, because of her spay, I don't want her getting injured. Like I mentioned earlier, she is scheduled for the Vet on Saturday, so I'm thinking to take it easy on her until then, which is gonna be HARD as he's gonna want to play so badly.
Well the way we introduced Kim and Webster worked pretty well (despite their having very different personalities and all my joking about their differences).

I took Web (new dog) and DH took Kim. We met at a big grassy area near where we lived and let the dogs see each other for the first time while positively reinforcing calm behavior. We then went on a reeeeeally long walk in which we stayed far enough apart that they couldn't interact directly, but close enough that we were definitely walking together (say 15' or so).

When we got home I went up with Webster first to walk him through the place and let him get his bearings. Then I crated him (a whole other story) and went back out to give Kim some attention, then we brought her in and crated her as well (she's very calm in a crate).

The whole idea being that we wanted them to have a chance to get used to each other without anyone getting rev'd up or having a bad experience right off the bat that would harm their long term relationship.

How you do it, especially the particulars, will depend a great deal on your knowledge of your own dogs. Just trying to give you an idea of the options available:)
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Thanks for the idea of the wide area and the walk... yea, that was my plan, (even though they already met at the shelter.. they were playing a bit, let her off her leash for about 5 min, she's got loads of energy. I really hope that it didn't hurt her, she wasn't limping or yelping, even when they collided and she went flying.

My plan tomorrow is to have my mom assist with the meeting, as my better half is going to be at work. So we're going to go to the school yard next door (closed down) which is a big grassy area to meet again, then go for walk like you did and then we'll try having them meet calmly in our back yard, followed by Oakley going through the house again, and then crated (he hates it, but he goes, and plops down in protest when he gets in.) Then let the new girl explore the house with the exception of the room where Oakley is crated. I'm actually debating having my mom take Oakley for a walk instead of crating him so he doesn't feel like she's getting some special treatment. Then having her crated when he gets back? I dunno, whats the general consensus? I will be looking for that sticky, just don't know when I'm going to have time to read it tomorrow.

Oh, and my friend sent me a second picture that she had taken, as I keep forgetting my camera when I go there, *shakes head*.

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So sweet! I like the name Annie.
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