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Recently we were talking about dogs that have ingested things and ended up in trouble. The discussion came about as one of the top competitors in our sport lost a dog to suffocation from a reward ball. The person does not leave balls around for the dogs to randomly pick up and play with. The ball was about the size of a tennis ball and one use for little puppies.. and somehow the best dog got hold of one and was found dead. This discussion went on to include another dead dog as the result of a Police Officer rewarding the dog with an actual tennis ball which became lodged in the dogs throat. This was a highly trained K9 and this dog also died. Our group NEVER uses tennis balls.. because they have killed a number of dogs this way.

Then we went on to talk about other things that have gotten lodged in dogs further down the line. One person had a dog require bloat surgery from a piece of bully stick (and we all thought those were safe). Another person nearly lost a dog to a piece of Nyla Bone that broke off. Yet another had a dog act off, then act fine, then act off until the dog finally bloated and this dog (who survived) had a part of another dogs's ball in his intestine. Last was a dog that had bloat surgery from a part of a Jolly ball handle that broke off and ended up in the dog.

If you have toys out you need to inspect those toys every time the dogs stop playing with them. Parts missing my be in your dog.. and they may cause serious issues. See if you can find missing parts to piece the toys back together.

It seems you can never be too vigilant.
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