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Hey all! I'd like to share you with you our StubbyDog of the week. This week the spotlight is on Willow. I'll let Willow's mom, Tamie take it from here.

By Willow's Mom- Tamie Sunday

Willow arrived at the animal hospital that I work for scheduled as a euthanasia. The owners had said they had an old dog that had lost control of her bowels and could not get up anymore. Of course when someone calls with that kind of news our hearts go out to the client and we want to help the dog to the other side.

When Willow came in she was a far cry from an old dog, and it became very clear why she could not get up anymore. Willow was 25lbs overweight, she had luxating patellas in both back legs, and her "loss of control" was a simple case of diarrhea. They signed papers to euthanize, but our staff could not do it. Willow was just pure joy to look at, even in her misery she was wagging her tail, and letting us know she was not ready to die.

We contacted the owners and requested that they relinquish rights so we could try to fix her, they did. Upon further diagnostics we discovered she had a low thyroid, she had extreme skin issues (blackheads covering 80% of her body), allergies, and it was clear she had been a breeding bitch, probably to several litters. We got her on thyroid meds, started her on tem-p for her allergies, gave her several baths to help with her skin and put her on a low calorie diet.

She stayed at the hospital for a couple of weeks but I couldn't stand the thought of her being there by herself at night and over the weekend. At the time I was bringing my other pitbull Sedona in with me everyday to work and Sedona and Willow hit it off right away. I decided to take her home with me over the weekends to help rehabilitate her and teach her the ins and outs of a "real" home. She quickly learned the rules and blended with our family perfectly. We have since fixed her legs, had her spayed, she has lost 25lbs, her thyroid is regulated and her skin is perfect! She is perfect!!!!!!

Well to make a long story short she as you can see found her forever home with us. At the time of her arrival we had 1 cocker spaniel named Lucky, another Pitbull named Sedona, and Phat Man our little chihuahua (also a rescue) and a slew of other critters to share her life with. It was clear that Willow had a special heart she adopted our furry friends as if they were her own. And at the time that Phat Man got sick her mothering instinct kicked in full force.

Phat Man started to get sick and Willow seemed to know right away that something was wrong. She stayed close to him, and even when I took him to the hospital with me in the morning she would bully her way out the door to come along with us. She needed to be near him. At one point during Phat Mans treatment we realized he was going to need a blood transfusion, Willow was his donor.

She stood very still as we placed the needle in her neck to take what blood we needed to try to save her little friend. Never a whimper or a movement just complete trust of us, and willingness to do her part. As Phat Man struggled to survive we all had hope since he had the blood of a Pitbull running through his veins that he would make it. We joked that he had "pitbull" blood and nothing could take him. But sadly after several days of fighting we lost our battle to save him and had to let him go. When we left to go back to the hospital to put him down Willow struggled to go with us. I explained that she needed to say good-bye, as we put Phatty close to her she gently touched him as if to say "see you little friend" Her concern and love for him was so touching.

Since he has passed she has continued her compassionate nature and every night spends hours licking and cleaning our other pitbull Sedona. We tell her "go lick your Sissy" and she goes over to Sedona and cleans her ears until they are saturated with saliva. She is a loving and amazing dog.

Everyday I look at her and think how sad it would have been if they had gone to another hospital, maybe they would not have seen what we saw in her and they would have ended her life. She is a gift to us and I am grateful that she is in our home, sharing our lives, and blessing us with her beauty....inside and out.

Words cannot express the love that we have for this dog. We took her in at 6 and have had her 2 years now, I could not imagine my life without her in it. But when that sad day comes, as it always does, I know we will be better people for the time that we have had with her. She had greatly improved our lives, and continues to be a blessing to us, and any little animal I bring into this home. She is pure love.

Willow with Phat Man

Willow now! Strong, healthy and brining joy into the lives of many.

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