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Just a funny thing from today... we were all upstairs, and mom got up to let the dogs out into their portion of the backyard since they hadn't been out in a while. She puts her hand on the handle and asks, 'Outside?' Because usually they'll run over and dance, then sit and wait to go out(or at least Jake will, I'm still working on Buck).

Well, occasionally if he doesn't have to go and doesn't want to go out Buck will plant his butt, wag his tail, and look away. But Jake typically will go outside anyways.

But on this particular occasion they both looked at my mom, planted their butts, and wagged their tails. Jake peering at her innocently and Buck with his face turned away.

:eek: The old man's stubbornness(or cleverness?) is rubbing off on his protege... though it is pretty funny, unless you NEED them to go outside for a few minutes and they don't want to :rolleyes: In which case you can get them to go, they just have to try their sitting thing first.

Anyone else have stories like this?
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