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Why should the dog come to you? Because you said so is not the answer.

First teach the dog his name. Use food. Say his name and give him food. You can feed him all his meals this way for a day or so. He should start coming to you when you say his name. Do the same thing with your recall word. Say the recall word and feed him. Start right next to him. Add distance gradually. Walk him outside on leash.

The object is to give the dog a good reason to come when called. Food is typically a good reason. You will have to carry food on you for about the first year.

There is a book you can get called Really Reliable Recall. It gives instructions and is easy to follow and it is short. This is to develop a recal word where the dog comes NO MATTER WHAT if there is an emergency such as the dog in immediate danger.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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