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He's a three month old puppy. He probably doesn't actually know a recall yet. He does well in training sessions because they are structured. It will take time for what he learns in them to generalize to other places. "Sit" in the living room doesn't mean that "sit" has the same meaning in the kitchen. Same with "come". Even the dogs who compete at the highest levels of competition obdeneice need to learn that cues have the same meaning, no matter where they are given.

As far as house training, being a mix of two toy breeds, he's got a really small bladder. Assuming you are training him to go outside, take him out as soon as he wakes up, as soon as he's done eating (at least three times a day at this age), after he's been playing a while, after he's gotten a long slurp of water, and every twenty minutes just because. If you are using pads (and be resigned to them for his lifetime, if you are), then use the same formula, only take him to his pad instead of outside.
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